View the Kodi Setup Guide

Dreamlink/Mag/STB Setup

Go to settings > system settings > servers > portals

  • Set your portal name to: Vaders
  • Set your portal address to:http://mag.vaders.tv

Press OK to save and restart your box

Perfect Player Setup

  • Click the Settings > General
  • Click Playlist and enter playlist URL: http://vaders.tv/vget?username=xxx&password=xxx
  • Click EPG and enter: http://vaders.tv/p2.xml.gz
  • Press back to the main setting screen > Select GUI
  • Check the box next to “Show channels groups as folders”
  • Press back to the main screen and wait for the playlist & EPG to update

M3U Setup

  • M3U URL format: http://vaders.tv/vget?username=xxx&password=xxx
  • VOD only M3U: http://vapi.vaders.tv/vod/vget?username=xxx&password=xxx


  • Open app menu and select “Remote Playlists”
  • Click the add button & select “Add M3U URL”
  • Enter playlist URL: http://vaders.tv/vget?username=xxx&password=xxx
  • Click ADD
  • Open app menu and select “EPG Program Guide”
  • Click add button and select “Add Remote EPG Source”
  • Enter: http://vaders.tv/p2.xml.gz
  • Click ADD

Smart IPTV

  • Download Smart IPTV app on your TV or Android Box.
  • Obtain your MAC code from the app.
  • Go to http://siptv.eu/mylist
  • Enter the MAC code you obtained through the app
  • Add playlist url: http://vaders.tv/vget?username=xxx&password=xxx
  • Check i’m not a robot box.
  • Press UPLOAD
  • Restart your app on tv.
  • After 7 days you will need to purchase the app and reset the mac and reload the playlist again.