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With BaconFeet you can stream movies with Emby without the hassle! We are here to let you stream tv shows with Emby using our high quality infrastructure. There is no better solution for a subscription Emby stream. For only $9/a month it’s possible stream tv series online. Even when you want to stream GoT online, BaconFeet will assist you when you need a quality, trusted service. We have helped numerous members to stream Rick and Morty along with Game of Thrones online without ads, delays and issues.




*Hosted/ran by an enterprise server admin with 6+ years of experience

PCI compliant, no credit card information is stored on or at the site. We utilize both Paypal, and Stripe API to do all credit card handling.

WE OWN ALL SERVER HARDWARE. Don’t worry if some “cloud” based service eventually brings your service down, switch to Baconfeet now! We own every piece of our storage and transcoding hardware!

Server hardware as follows:

  • RAID1 Intel DC SSDs storing OS and metadata/images
  • x28 8TB WD RED drives w/ SnapRAID + mergerfs
  • Combined 126GB RAM
  • x2 Intel Xeon E5-2683 V3 (28 core/56 thread)
  • x2 Intel Xeon E5-2680 V2 (20 core/40 thread)
  • Supermicro SAS2 backplanes
  • 2Gbps outbound network
  • 10gbps egress networking

We focus on QUALITY! 90% of all of our downloads are from very high level private trackers and still adding hard drives when needed.

Benefits of being paid member –

  • Emby Sync
  • Movies + 4k
  • Anime Collection Library
  • Archived Library (pre-2000)
  • Stand Up
  • Kid Shows

Current stats 3/4/2018

  • TV Shows – 1,312 / Episodes 97,595
  • Movies – 3,850 95% in 1080p REMUX

Come give us a try for and we promise you won’t be disappointed…

$9mo or $2/3day trial via Paypal/Stripe/Monaro


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